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Danthonia intermedia.jpg
Danthonia intermedia
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Danthonioideae
Genus: Danthonia
Type species
Danthonia spicata
(L.) P. Beauv. ex Roem. & Schult.[1]
  • Sieglingia Bernh.
  • Merathrepta Raf.
  • Brachatera Desv.
  • Triodon Baumg.
  • Danthosieglingia Domin

Danthonia is a genus of Eurasian, North African, and American plants in the grass family.[3] Members of this genus are sometimes referred to as oatgrass, but that common name is not restricted to this genus. Other common names include heathgrass and wallaby grass.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

  1. Danthonia alpina Vest - central + southern Europe; Ukraine, Turkey, Caucasus
  2. Danthonia annableae P.M.Peterson & Rúgolo - Bolivia, Argentina
  3. Danthonia araucana Phil. - Chile
  4. Danthonia boliviensis Renvoize - Bolivia
  5. Danthonia × breviaristata (Beck) Vierh - France, Italy, Austria, Czech Rep, Romania
  6. Danthonia breviseta Hack. - Rio de Janeiro
  7. Danthonia californica Bol. - BC ALB SAS WA OR CA NV ID UT MT WY SD CO AZ NM; Chile
  8. Danthonia cernua Döll - Brazil
  9. Danthonia chaseana Conert - Minas Gerais
  10. Danthonia chiapasensis Davidse - Chiapas
  11. Danthonia chilensis É.Desv. - Argentina, Chile incl Juan Fernández Is
  12. Danthonia cirrata Hack. & Arechav. - Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay
  13. Danthonia compressa Austin - mountain oatgrass, flattened oatgrass, slender oatgrass - eastern North America from Georgia to Nova Scotia + Ontario
  14. Danthonia decumbens (L.) DC. - common heath grass - Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Caucasus
  15. Danthonia domingensis Hack. & Pilg. - Hispaniola, Jamaica
  16. Danthonia holm-nielsenii Laegaard - Ecuador
  17. Danthonia intermedia Vasey - timber oatgrass, intermediate oatgrass - western United States, Canada, Russian Far East
  18. Danthonia malacantha (Steud.) Pilg. - Chile incl Juan Fernández Is
  19. Danthonia melanathera (Hack.) Bernardello - Argentina
  20. Danthonia montevidensis Hack. & Arechav. - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay
  21. Danthonia parryi Scribn. - ALB SAS CO MT WY NM
  22. Danthonia rhizomata Swallen - Brazil, Uruguay
  23. Danthonia rugoloana Sulekic - Salta
  24. Danthonia secundiflora J.Presl - from Mexico to Uruguay
  25. Danthonia sericea Nutt. - eastern + central United States
  26. Danthonia spicata (L.) Roem. & Schult. - poverty oatgrass, simply poverty grass - from Alaska + Greenland to Veracruz
  27. Danthonia unispicata (Thurb.) Munro ex Macoun - onespike oatgrass - ALB BC SAS WA ID MT OR WY SD UT NV CA
formerly included[2]

A number of species which were formerly classified under Danthonia are now included in Amphibromus, Astrebla, Austrodanthonia, Chionochloa, Joycea, Karroochloa, Monachather, Merxmuellera, Notodanthonia, Pentaschistis, Plinthanthesis, Rytidosperma or Schismus.


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