Danube glaciation

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The Danube glaciation or Donau glaciation (German: Donau-Kaltzeit), also known as the Danube Glacial (Donau-Glazial), is a glacial stage of the Pleistocene epoch. It does not appear in the traditional, quadripartite ice age schema of the Alps by Albrecht Penck. The Danube stage was named by Barthel Eberl in 1930 after the River Danube.[1] The Danube Glacial is the oldest glaciation in the Alps for which there is evidence outside of the Iller-Lech region.[2] The Danube Stage was preceded by the Biber-Danube interglacial and followed by the Danube-Günz interglacial.

It was about 950 000 - 1 million years before the present.



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