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Danuta Gleed Literary Award
Awarded for Canadian short fiction collections
Country Canada
Presented by Writers' Union of Canada
First awarded 1998

The Danuta Gleed Literary Award is a Canadian national literary prize, awarded since 1998. It recognizes the best debut short fiction collection by a Canadian author in English language.[1] The annual prize was founded by John Gleed in honour of his second wife, the Canadian writer Danuta Gleed, whose favourite literary genre was short fiction, and is presented by The Writers' Union of Canada. The incomes of her One for the Chosen, a collection of short stories published posthumously in 1997 by BuschekBooks and released by Frances Itani and Susan Zettell, assist in funding the award.[1]

Initially C$5,000, the prize money increased to C$10,000 in 2004.[2] The runners-up each receive C$500.[1] The nominations must be submitted before the end of January.[3] The year's shortlist is chosen by a jury.[4] The varying jury is composed of Canadian writers, literary critics and publishers, such as Gail Anderson-Dargatz, Robin McGrath and Hal Niedzviecki in 2012 or Douglas Glover, J. Jill Robinson and Claire Holden Rothman in 2011.[5]

The first winning work was Curtis Gillespie's The Progress of an Object in Motion. In 2010, Joey Comeau's Overqualified was withdrawn, as the writer already published a debut work in 2007. That year, only two books were shortlisted, the fewest in the history of the award.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Other short-listed people
Year Awarded Author(s) Book Publisher Ref.
1998 Gillespie, CurtisCurtis Gillespie The Progress of an Object in Motion Coteau Books [6]
1998 Gerber, JoanneJoanne Gerber In the Misleading Absence of Light Coteau Books
1998 Hornosty, JaninaJanina Hornosty Snackers Oolichan Books
1998 Ghatage, ShreeShree Ghatage Awake When All the World is Asleep House of Anansi Press
1998 Manicom, DavidDavid Manicom Ice in Dark Water Vehicule Press
1999 Bock, DennisDennis Bock Olympia Bloomsbury USA [7]
1999 Kalman, JudithJudith Kalman The County of Birches Douglas & McIntyre [8]
1999 Logan, MurrayMurray Logan The King of Siam The Porcupine's Quill
1999 Fleming, AnneAnne Fleming Pool-Hopping and Other Stories Polestar
1999 Gold, NoraNora Gold Marrow and Other Stories Warwick Publishing
1999 Ito, SallySally Ito Floating the Shore The Mercury Press
2000 Barnes, MikeMike Barnes Aquarium The Porcupine's Quill [9]
2000 Gasco, ElyseElyse Gasco Can You Wave Bye-Bye, Baby? Picador [10]
2000 Smith, RussellRussell Smith Young Men Anchor Canada
2000 Gartner, ZsuzsiZsuzsi Gartner All the Anxious Girls on Earth Patrick Crean Editions
2000 Hull, MaureenMaureen Hull Righteous Living Turnstone Press
2000 York, AlissaAlissa York Any Given Power Arbeiter Ring Publishing
2001 Lambert, BarbaraBarbara Lambert A Message for Mr. Lazarus Cormorant Books [11]
2001 Coyote, Ivan E.Ivan E. Coyote Close to Spiderman Arsenal Pulp Press [12]
2001 Young, TerenceTerence Young Rhymes with Useless Raincoast Books [13]
2001 Leggat, AlexandraAlexandra Leggat Pull Gently, Tear Here Insomniac Press
2001 Lyon, AnnabelAnnabel Lyon Oxygen McClelland & Stewart
2002 Sawai, GloriaGloria Sawai A Song for Nettie Johnson Coteau Books [14]
2002 Maddocks, RickRick Maddocks Sputnik Diner Knopf Canada
2002 Thien, MadeleineMadeleine Thien Simple Recipes Little Brown & Company
2002 Hunter, AislinnAislinn Hunter What's Left Us Polestar Book Publishers
2002 McInnes, NadineNadine McInnes Quicksilver Raincoast Books
2002 Schroeder, Adam LewisAdam Lewis Schroeder Kingdom of Monkeys Raincoast Books
2003 Henderson, LeeLee Henderson The Broken Record Technique Penguin Canada [15]
2003 Taylor, TimothyTimothy Taylor Silent Cruise Counterpoint
2003 Lee, NancyNancy Lee Dead Girls McClelland & Stewart [16]
2003 Dobozy, TamasTamas Dobozy When X Equals Marylou Arsenal Pulp Press
2003 Lambert, ShaenaShaena Lambert The Falling Woman Vintage Canada [17]
2003 Schultz, EmilyEmily Schultz Black Coffee Night Insomniac Press
2004 Baker, JacquelineJacqueline Baker A Hard Witching & Other Stories Harper Flamingo Canada [1]
2004 Bennett, JonathanJonathan Bennett Veranda People Raincoast Books [1]
2004 Rendell, SusanSusan Rendell In the Chambers of the Sea Killick Press [1]
2004 Kuitenbrouwer, KathrynKathryn Kuitenbrouwer Way Up: Stories Goose Lane Editions [1]
2004 Doctorow, CoryCory Doctorow A Place So Foreign and 8 More Four Walls Eight Windows [1]
2004 Little, MelanieMelanie Little Confidence: Stories Thomas Allen Publishers [1]
2005 Bezmozgis, DavidDavid Bezmozgis Natasha and Other Stories Harper Flamingo Canada [1]
2005 Dearing, RamonaRamona Dearing So Beautiful The Porcupine's Quill [1]
2005 Cooper, KellyKelly Cooper Eyehill Goose Lane Editions [1]
2005 Shepard, CarolineCaroline Shepard Off Centre Oberon Press [1]
2005 Snyder, CarrieCarrie Snyder Hair Hat Penguin Canada [1]
2006 Gill, CharlotteCharlotte Gill Ladykiller Thomas Allen Publishers [1]
2006 Davidson, CraigCraig Davidson Rust and Bone Viking Canada [1]
2006 Honnet, JacquelineJacqueline Honnet Limbo Turnstone Press [1]
2006 Simic, GoranGoran Simic Yesterday's People Biblioasis [1]
2006 Kady, VivetteVivette Kady Most Wanted The Porcupine's Quill [1]
2007 Sellyn, NathanNathan Sellyn Indigenous Beasts Raincoast Books [1]
2007 Lam, VincentVincent Lam Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Doubleday [1]
2007 Wangersky, RussellRussell Wangersky The Hour of Bad Decisions Coteau Books [1]
2007 Ali, AnarAnar Ali Baby Khaki's Wings Penguin Canada [1]
2007 Bridge, KristaKrista Bridge The Virgin Spy Douglas & McIntyre [1]
2008 Hood, AndrewAndrew Hood Pardon Our Monsters Esplanade [1]
2008 Rees, RobertaRoberta Rees Long After Fathers Coteau Books [1]
2008 Stetson, ValeriaValeria Stetson The Year I Got Impatient Oolichan Books [1]
2008 Keightley, LianeLiane Keightley Seven Openings of the Head Conundrum Press [1]
2008 Wayman, TomTom Wayman Boundary Country Thistledown Press [1]
2009 Malla, PashaPasha Malla The Withdrawal Method House of Anansi Press [1]
2009 Colford, IanIan Colford Halifax for Evidence The Porcupine's Quill [1]
2009 Rosenblum, RebeccaRebecca Rosenblum Once Biblioasis [1]
2009 Saidullah, AhmadAhmad Saidullah Happiness and other Disorders Key Porter Books [1]
2009 Trumpener, BetsyBetsy Trumpener The Butcher of Penetang Caitlin Press [1]
2010 Roberts, SarahSarah Roberts Wax Boats Caitlin Press [1]
2010 Willis, DeborahDeborah Willis Vanishing and Other Stories Penguin Canada [1]
2010 Comeau, JoeyJoey Comeau Overqualified (withdrawn)1 ECW Press [1]
2011 Livingston, BillieBillie Livingston Greedy Little Eyes[18] Vintage Canada [1]
2011 Friesen Hossack, DarcieDarcie Friesen Hossack Mennonites Don't Dance Thistledown Press [1]
2011 MacLeod, AlexanderAlexander MacLeod Light Lifting Biblioasis [1]
2011 Gray, R. W.R. W. Gray Crisp NeWest Press [1]
2011 Vlassopoulos, TeriTeri Vlassopoulos Bats or Swallows Invisible Publishing [1]
2012 Williams, IanIan Williams Not Anyone's Anything[19][20][21] Freehand Books [1]
2012 Westhead, JessicaJessica Westhead And Also Sharks Cormorant Books [1]
2012 Griffin, DanielDaniel Griffin Stopping for Strangers Véhicule Press [1]
2012 Borkowski, Andrew J.Andrew J. Borkowski Copernicus Avenue Cormorant Books [1]
2012 Skibsrud, JohannaJohanna Skibsrud This Will Be Difficult to Explain Hamish Hamilton Canada [1]
2013 Lee, RebeccaRebecca Lee Bobcat and other stories Hamish Hamilton [1]
2013 Piatigorsky, AntonAnton Piatigorsky The Iron Bridge Goose Lane Editions [1]
2013 Vigna, JohnJohn Vigna Bull Head Arsenal Pulp Press [1]
2013 Marlowe, PaulPaul Marlowe Ether Frolics Sybertooth [1]
2013 Thanh, YasukoYasuko Thanh Floating Like the Dead McClelland & Stewart [1]
2014 Carlucci, PaulPaul Carlucci The Secret Life of Fission Oberon Press
2014 Blodgett, AstridAstrid Blodgett You Haven't Changed a Bit University of Alberta Press
2014 Fantetti, EufemiaEufemia Fantetti A Recipe for Disaster & Other Unlikely Tales of Love Mother Tongue Publishing
2014 Armstrong, TheodoraTheodora Armstrong Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility House of Anansi
2014 Bird-Wilson, LisaLisa Bird-Wilson Just Pretending Coteau Books
2015 Galchen, RivkaRivka Galchen American Innovations HarperCollins
2015 Robertson, ElizaEliza Robertson Wallflowers Hamish Hamilton
2015 Silcoff, MireilleMireille Silcoff Chez l'Arabe House of Anansi
2015 Battershill, ClaireClaire Battershill Circus McClelland and Stewart
2015 Young, Janine AlysonJanine Alyson Young Hideout Hotel Caitlin Press
2016 O'Neill, HeatherHeather O'Neill Daydreams of Angels HarperCollins [22]
2016 Forbes, AndrewAndrew Forbes What You Need Invisible Publishing [22]
2016 Hardcastle, KevinKevin Hardcastle Debris Biblioasis [22]
2016 Beirne, GerardGerard Beirne In a Time of Drought and Hunger Oberon Press [23]
2016 Graham, HughHugh Graham Last Words Exile Editions [23]
1.^ Comeau's Overqualified was withdrawn as it was not his debut short fiction collection. He already self-published It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry in 2007.[24]


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