Danuta Lato

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Danuta Lato
Born Danuta Irzyk
25 November 1962
Szufnarowa, Poland
Other names Danuta, Danuta Duvall
Height 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)

Danuta Lato is a Polish glamour model, actress and later singer.


Lato moved to West Germany in 1984 for modeling and film career, including a recurring role in Yehuda Barkan's series of Hidden Camera films.

Throughout the late 1980s into the 1990s she has developed a music career. As a singer, she had a moderate success in Europe with her single "Touch My Heart". Her other songs were syndicated across European Italo disco compilation CDs from the 1980s–1990s, like Hot Girls.[1]

Although not officially retired, she has not been in the public eye since 1994



  • 1987 – "Touch My Heart" / "I Need You"
  • 1988 - Sensual Mix (released in Spain from Divucsa and is a Partially Mixed of the songs Touch my heart and I need you)
  • 1989 – "Whenever You Go" / "Nobody's Woman". The former was released on a ZYX's Italo Disco collection.
  • 1989 - "Nobody's Woman (released in Spain from Splash Records)

Other songs[edit]

  • 1988 – "For Your Love" (only for live performances in shows)
  • 1994 – "Love To Love You" (only for live performances in shows)
  • 2017 - Danuta has two more never released songs and she is planning to issue a 12" maxi single numbered limited edition in September

Titles of the songs are not yet confirmed.

The songs "I feel your love" and "Broken Land" are never released or sung by Danuta Lato

There is also a German CD with classic music compilation of various artists "Flug der Leindenschaft" (Record company:Titan) that Danuta Lato appears at the cover and 4 pages of the booklet with sexy pictures of her but not singing any of the songs.

Compilation album[edit]

Containing "Touch My Heart", "Nobody's Woman" and "Whenever You Go".


Year Title Role Other notes
1985 Drei und eine halbe Portion Stripper
1986 Nipagesh Basivuv Danuta Israeli prank movie
1986 Total Bescheuert
1987 Soldier of Fortune
1987 Nipagesh Bachof Danuta Israeli prank movie
1988 Felix Danuta
1989 Busen 2 (V) "Cover Girl"
1989 Beim nächsten Mann wird alles anders Blondine
1989 W labiryncie Barbara Appeared in season 1's episodes 35 & 38 – 42
1990 Neshika Bametzach Danuta – Buxom Polish escort
1990 Das Erbe der Guldenburgs Appeared in season 3's episode 12
1991 Pommes Rot-Weiß (V)
1997 Ein Fall für zwei Appeared in season 17's episode 5


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