Danxia Zichun

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Danxia Zichun
TitleChán master
Zitong, China
Senior posting
TeacherFurong Daokai
PredecessorFurong Daokai
SuccessorZhenxie Qingliao

Danxia Zichun (1064–1117) (Chinese: 丹霞子淳; Wade–Giles: Tan-hsia Tzu-ch'un; Japanese: Tanka Shijun), was a Zen Buddhist monk during the Song Dynasty. He was born in a city called Zitong, which is in modern Sichuan Province. He is buried in south of Mt Hong near the modern city of Wuhan.[1] While not a particularly notable monk himself, his three students, Hongzhi Zhengjue, Zhenxie Qingliao, Huizhao Qingyu, were each especially famous during their lifetimes. He is the only student of Furong Daokai that has a collection of recorded sayings that has survived to the present. In these sayings, he advocated a silent illumination approach to seated meditation. For example, he is recorded as saying, "You must completely let go of all worldly concerns and sit totally still in the dry wood hall. You must die a turn and then in this death establish everything in the whole universe."[2]


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Buddhist titles
Preceded by
Furong Daokai
Sōtō Zen patriarch Succeeded by
Zhenxie Qingliao