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Daoxing Xia (Chinese: 夏道行, Pinyin: Xià Dàoxíng) is a renowned Chinese American mathematician. He is now a professor at the Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University, USA.[1] He became the academician of Chinese Academy of Science in 1980.


Born October 20, 1930 in Taizhou, Jiangsu,[2] he did his undergraduate study at the department of Mathematics, Shandong University and obtained his postgraduate degree from the Department of Mathematics of Zhejiang University in 1952.[3] His advisor was Chen Jiangong who was the dean of Zhejiang University's math department.

1952, he went to Fudan University in Shanghai, became an assistant. 1954, he became a lecturer, and 1956, gained an associate professor position. In September 1957, he was sent to the Moscow State University in USSR and did one year of research there. 1978, he obtained his professorship in Fudan and rose to the vice director of the Fudan University Mathematics Research Institute. 1980, he was elected to the member of Chinese Academy of Science, and also became a shared-professor for Chinese Academy of Science Mathematical Physics Research Institute and Shandong University Department of Mathematics. He was a visiting professor of many universities and gave lectures.

In early 1980s, he went to USA, 1984, became a professor in the Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University.

In The Classroom[edit]

Professor Xia is renowned for his fantastic teaching ability. The eloquence of his speech is impressive, especially due to the disparity of the phonics between English and his native Chinese. He also has a miraculous ability to ignore distractions such as students getting up and leaving in the middle of his class. The grace with which he languidly moves about the classroom is admirable. Additionally he also boasts great taste as evidenced by his choice of pants, which effectively protect Daoxing's stomach. Another aspect of his fashion sense which quickly becomes apparent is his excellent choice of briefcase; like his skin, it has grown leathery and battered, but remains effective. Overall Daoxing's teaching style forces a student's mind into a permeable membrane, with his quick-wittedness and mastery over differential equations.

Books by him[edit]

  • Spectral Theory of Hyponormal Operators, by Daoxing Xia, Springer Verlag (January 1984)[4]
  • Spectral Theory of Linear Operators, (with S. Yan), Press Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing (1987).[5]
  • The Second of Functional Analysis, (with S. Yan, W. Su and Y. Tong), Press Higher Education, Beijing (1986).
  • An Invitation to the Theory of Linear Topological Spaces, (with Y.L. Yang), Science & Technology Press Shanghai (1986).
  • Theory of a Real Variable and Functional Analysis, (with S. Yan. Z. Wu and W. Su), Press Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, (1980).
  • Measures and Integration on Infinite-dimensional spaces, Science & Technology Press Shanghai (1965), Acad. Press, New York, London (1972).
  • Theory of Functions of a Real Variable and Essentials of Functional Analysis, (with S. Yan and Z. Wu), Science & Technology Press Shanghai (1956).


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