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Dapaong is located in Togo
Location in Togo
Coordinates: 10°52′04″N 0°12′13″E / 10.86778°N 0.20361°E / 10.86778; 0.20361
CountryFlag of Togo.svg Togo
1,004 ft (306 m)
 • Total58,071

Dapaong (also known as Dapaongo or Dapango) is a city in northern Togo and prefecture seat of Tône in the Savanes Region, of which it is also the capital. It had a population of 58,071 at the 2010 Census. It is situated 638 km north of the capital Lomé, near the border with Burkina Faso. It is a market town and has a small museum.


Dapaong plays a strategic role in the trade of West Africa because it occupies a privileged place for the transit of goods to Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger. The local economy is therefore one of the most important in Togo. The economic center of the city is the market with various shops which sell fabric, millet and sheep. The main sources of income are from craft manufacturing, trade and livestock, and agriculture (including cotton, millet, corn, tomato (dry season or against-season) and jatropha cultivation. Since the 2000s, the tomato cultivation has intensified around Dapaong exporting to Lome a significant amount of its production.


Supplied with electricity from the Akosombo Dam, the city however faces major difficulties in water sanitation and public health.


Dapaong has several public schools, including the High School, Nassablé.


Dapaong is populated predominantly by Moba, Gourma, Mossi and Fulani. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dapaong is located in the city.

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Coordinates: 10°52′N 0°12′E / 10.867°N 0.200°E / 10.867; 0.200