Dapeng Peninsula

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Dapeng Peninsula

Dapeng Peninsula or Dapengbandao (大鹏半岛) is a peninsula in the east of Longgang district, that lies in theeasternmost extremity of Shenzhen area of Guangdong Province in China, to the north-east of Hong Kong.[1] Dapengbandao consists of the subdistricts Kuichong, Dapeng and Nan'ao. To the southwest of the peninsula is Mirs Bay and to the northeast is Daya Bay. The Dapeng dialect is the main dialect is across the whole peninsula. Since the end of the Ming dynasty Dapeng has the Dapeng Fortress (Dapengcheng), built to protect the inhabitants from attacks by Japanese pirates. During the Second Opium War the possibility of annexation as part of British Hong Kong was started. But ultimately the area was never occupied by the British. During the Cultural Revolution the region saw a major famine.


The Shenzhen East Coast, of which Dapeng Peninsula is the major part, is a noted tourist attraction, and the peninsula itself was selected as one of the most beautiful beaches of China by Chinese National Geography. One of the best beaches is Xichong, in the south of the peninsula.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 22°31′N 114°32′E / 22.517°N 114.533°E / 22.517; 114.533