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Daphné (born 1974) is a French singer. Her first album, L'émeraude (The Emerald), was released in 2005.


Daphné was born in Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France but never actually lived in the prefecture of Auvergne. She has stayed in Paris, Poitiers in the Poitou region, the Alps and even abroad.

Daphné has always been a huge fan of Henry Purcell, Mozart and Maurice Ravel. Her modern musical tastes include Stevie Wonder and Sting but she says the latter did not influence her own work. Technically speaking, the most important thing for her in writing a song is finding the right tune because "tunes carry emotions". Sometimes referred to as the French Björk, Daphné's entrancing voice often has her compared to a fairy. She confesses that she "would love to touch the hearts of people who stopped believing in their dreams, in their lives, who only think of running away..."

Her first album, which could be defined as trip hop with a touch of pop and chanson, just illustrates this frame of mind. Le réveil (The Awakening) is about being happy in love and confident in the future. Anna is about the end of innocence. Un homme sous influence (A Man Under Influence) is about rejection while Ton cœur (Your Heart) is an ode to trust. Trafalgar Square tells how the sun always shines again after the rain. L'insoumise (The Rebel) and Il viaggio (The Journey), a song in Italian, are both about the essential need to stand for oneself, to resist, to fight against oneself and society to uncover one's true personality and eventually see love as it is: a liberation.


L'émeraude (2005)[edit]

  1. Un homme sous influence
  2. Ton cœur
  3. L'insoumise
  4. Théo Soleil
  5. L'île voisine
  6. Le réveil
  7. Anna
  8. Il viaggio
  9. La danse au loup
  10. Trafalgar Square
  11. La nuit des fous
  12. Sagamore

Carmin (2007)[edit]

  1. Musicamor
  2. Big Daddy Boy
  3. Abracadabra
  4. Déclaration à Celui
  5. Mourir D'un Oeil
  6. Les Phénix
  7. L'Homme Piano
  8. Le Petit Navire
  9. Penny Peggy
  10. Les Yeux Comanches
  11. Par La Fenêtre
  12. Le Songe De Neptune

Bleu Venise (2011)[edit]

  1. L'appel
  2. Venise sous la neige
  3. Où va lila Jane ?
  4. Mélodie à personne
  5. Moi plus vouloir dormir seule
  6. Oublier la ville
  7. The death of Santa Claus
  8. Chanson d'orange et de désir
  9. L'homme à la peau musicale
  10. Portrait d'un vertige
  11. L'un dans l'autre
  12. Even Orphans have a Kingdom
  13. Hors-temps

Treize chansons de Barbara (2012)[edit]

  1. Petite cantate
  2. Gueule de nuit
  3. Parce que je t'aime
  4. Dis, quand reviendras-tu?
  5. Du bout des lèvres
  6. Göttingen
  7. Au bois de Saint-Amant
  8. Si la photo est bonne
  9. Ce matin-là
  10. La dame brune
  11. Ma plus belle histoire d'amour
  12. La solitude
  13. L'aigle noir

La Fauve (2014)[edit]

  1. Rocambolesque Morocco
  2. Où est la fantaisie?
  3. Flores Negras
  4. Lady Dangerine
  5. Hello to love
  6. Ballade Criminelle
  7. Ne pardonne pas trop vite
  8. Tout d'un animal
  9. Strabisme des jours heureux
  10. Abigaïl
  11. Vendanges tardives
  12. 100 Voiliers en l'air
  13. A dragon for me?
  14. Mon amour feu

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