Dappa Kali

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Dappa Kali being played at a school playground in Kannur

Dappa kali is a game which is popular in the northern parts of Kerala, especially in Kannur. This game requires a considerable amount of physical exercise and is mainly played by boys. This game is also known as chattiyeru and chilleru in other parts of Kannur. Dappa Kali is a different form of the game Lathi kali played mainly in Kasargod district.This game is played between two teams.It consist of 10 marble pieces piled one above the other.One team targets this pile and once they strike it then their next aim is to keep it back while the other team has to block the opposing side from arranging it back.The defending team can make the other team out by throughing at them with the ball in any part of body except head and below knees of leg and hand.

A ball made entirely from coconut leaves is used in Dappa Kali


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