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Daniel James O'Reilly (born 17 June 1984 in Kingston upon Thames, London, England) better known by his stage name Dapper Laughs, is a social media content creator from Clapham, London. He has described himself as the "Moisturiser".[1][2]

Dapper Laughs became known on the social networking sites Facebook and Vine, where he has around 2,407,000 and 575,000 followers respectively.

Career and controversies[edit]

In 2014, Laughs released the single "Proper Moist".[3] The song entered the UK Singles Chart at number 15. Starting in 2014, Dapper Laughs began his Moist Tour of the UK; his supporting act on the tour was fellow Viner Joe Charman. In July, he released "Take It To The Base". The music video was released on YouTube, but has since been made private.

In September 2014, his show, entitled Dapper Laughs: On the Pull, began on ITV2, where he tried to increase the participants' chances of obtaining sex with women.[4][5]

In November 2014, Laughs criticised the website UsVsTh3m on Twitter for what he viewed as an unfavourable review of his new album Proper Naughty Christmas. Laughs suggested that the review could hinder his goal of raising money for homelessness charity Shelter.[6] As a result of UsVsTh3m highlighting the lyrics of one of the album tracks as offensive to the homeless, the charity posted on their official Twitter feed that they would be refusing donations from Laughs.[6] Laughs later made an apology in a statement.[7]

Laughs was heavily criticised in November 2014 when, soon after accusations that his ITV show On The Pull was degrading to women,[8] he claimed that a female audience member at one of his live shows was "gagging for a rape."[9] An online petition eventually gained 68,210 signatures with the hashtag #CancelDapper asked ITV to end the series.[10] On 10 November, ITV announced they were not renewing the series for a second season as a result.[11] A forthcoming Dapper Laughs tour was also cancelled.[10]

On 11 November 2014, O'Reilly announced on Newsnight that his Dapper Laughs character had been indefinitely retired. When interviewed on the BBC programme, he claimed he did not realise the problems he had caused. O'Reilly also claimed that the media played a major role in the anger directed at him.[12] In December that year, O'Reilly resurrected the character.[13]

On 25 December 2014, a YouTube and Facebook video was posted stating that O'Reilly's character Dapper Laughs would be making a return with the promise of toned down content. On 15 January 2015, he announced his "The Res'Erection" stand-up show.[14] On 8 March 2015 a pilot for a web-exclusive sitcom based on the character was uploaded to YouTube.

On 22 January 2017, Laughs took part in a charity amateur boxing match at Aldershot Princes Hall, where he defeated his opponent marginally, 10/9/10 being the judges score. This was held in support of Help for Heroes. In an interview, O'Reilly described how he would be happy to face fellow comedian Jack Jones, also of social media fame, and that he would "have him".

In January 2018, O'Reilly entered the Celebrity Big Brother house as a housemate during its twenty-first series.[15] He was the eighth housemate to be evicted.

Personal life[edit]

O'Reilly has a daughter, Neve.[16][17] He proposed to his girlfriend in January 2018, during his eviction interview on Celebrity Big Brother.[18]


Year Title Role Notes
2014 Dapper Laughs: On the Pull Presenter 1 series
2015 Dapper Laughs Live: The Res-Erection Himself DVD
2017 Fanged Up Jimmy Ragsdale
2018 Celebrity Big Brother Housemate Series 21



Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2014 "Proper Moist" 15 35 Non-album single
"Take It to the Base" - Unknown


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