Dappledown Farm

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Dappledown Farm
Created byCatherine Kirkwood and Nick Wilson
Directed byAdrian Hedley
Catherine Kirkwood
Nick Wilson
Creative director(s)Nikky Smedley
StarringBrian Cant
Marcus Clarke
Helena Smee
Sally Preisig
David Alan Barclay
Joe Greco
Katherine Smee
Dave Taylor
Tim Jones
Geoff Felix
Nick Wilson
Composer(s)Peter Gosling
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series5
Production company(s)Clear Idea Television
DistributorClear Idea Television
First shown in1990
Original release1990 –

Dappledown Farm was a British children's educational television programme, starring Brian Cant and a series of puppets. It started airing in 1990, with Cant playing the character who did the storytelling.

In the show's narrative, Cant's character Brian was the owner of the Dappledown Farm. For each episode, he introduced feature cartoons from a studio farm set.[1] For example, in the first episode, Brian told the story of animals on the farm that hatched from an egg such as birds, snakes, and tortoises.[2] On addition to the puppets, the show also integrated stories that involve real-life animals.

Puppet characters[edit]

Puppet characters in the show included: Dapple the Horse; Mabel the Cow; Stubble and Straw, the two mice; Columbus the Cockerel; Lucky Ducky; Colin the Coot; Millie the Moorhen; Fiona the Frog; and Harry the Heron. These characters had different personalities that range from mischievous to bashful.[3] For this reason, there are times when they quarrel with each other and Brian the farmer served as the mediator.[3]

The puppets were created by the Hands Up Puppets company.[4]

International Broadcast[edit]


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