Dapu, Chiayi

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Coordinates: 23°17′40.4″N 120°35′37.4″E / 23.294556°N 120.593722°E / 23.294556; 120.593722

Dapu Township in Chiayi County
Dapu Township

Dapu Township (Chinese: 大埔鄉; pinyin: Dàpǔ Xiāng) is a rural township in Chiayi County, Taiwan. Part of the Siraya National Scenic Area, Dapu gets a major portion of its revenue from tourism. Among the birds that can be seen in the area is the fairy pitta.


Human activity is believed to have existed in Dapu since prehistoric times. Artifacts have been found in archaeological sites nearby.[1]

The Dutch East India Company started its colonization of Taiwan in 1624. When it established its presence in what is now Chiayi County in 1636, Dapu was a Tsou territory with no recorded Han Chinese activity. According to a 1647 census conducted by the Dutch, Kanakannavo, the tribe that resided in Dapu, contained 37 households (157 residents).[2]


The township area measured 173 km2 with a population of 4,000 people.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises five villages: Dapu, Heping, Jiadong, Xixing and Yongle.


A total of 5.2% of its land is used for agriculture.

Tourist attractions[edit]


The township is served by three access roads, which lead northwards towards Fanlu and Zhongpu Townships and southwards towards Nanxi District in Tainan.[3]