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Darío de Jesús Gómez Zapata, also known as El Rey del Despecho, (born February 6, 1951 in San Jerónimo, Antioquia) is a Colombian singer and composer of vals, corridos and boleros. His moniker El Rey del Despecho (King of Heartbreak) derives from the more than one thousands songs about heartbreaking love situations. His most well-known song is Nadie es Eterno. He was considered one of the ten best singers of the 1990s in Colombia by the TV y Novelas Magazine for his sales of more than six million copies of his 26 albums; seven as tropical artist, ten as lead singer of the duet Los Legendarios and nine as a solo artist.[1]


Early years[edit]

As a young boy Gomez loved to sing the ranchera genre while picking coffee in the farms of Antioquia. He was discovered as a young boy and started writing songs at the age of 14 while working as a mechanic. He was the fourth child of twelve siblings.

Singing career[edit]

He was later hired by a group known as Los Legendarios (Spanish for The Legendaries).



Gomez has had four children with his wife. His oldest daughter was killed in 2004 by a stray bullet on a bus in Colombia.


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