Dar Chaabane

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Dar Chaabane
Commune and town
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Dar Chaabane is located in Tunisia
Dar Chaabane
Dar Chaabane
Coordinates: 36°28′12″N 10°45′0″E / 36.47000°N 10.75000°E / 36.47000; 10.75000
Country  Tunisia
Governorate Nabeul Governorate
 • Land 14 sq mi (35 km2)
Population (2004)
 • Total 35,859
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Website www.commune-darchaabaneelfehry.gov.tn

Dar Chaabane (full name Dar Chabaane El Fehri) is a town and a commune in the Nabeul Governorate, Tunisia.

Dar Chaabane is located on the coast of Cap Bon. In 2004 its population was 35,859 inhabitants. The municipality is the result of a merger in 1957 between the town of El Fehri located on the coast and the town of Dar Chabaane located in the hinterland. Covering 3500 hectares, the city is one of the biggest towns of the peninsula of Cap Bon.[1]


Dar Chabaane was founded in the year 53 AH (7th century) by Chabaane Mechmech, a warlord of the Muslim Army in the Cap Bon region. He built a citadel in the town around which members of his family came to live, whence the name of Dar Chaabane or "the House of Chabaane". In the year 334 AH (10th century), Ahmed Fehri El Ansari, a native of Seguia el-Hamra in Morocco, settled a few kilometers away from Dar Chabaane and married a descendant of the commander Mechmech. With the newcomers, their progeny later founded the town of Zaouiet El Fehri.

Dar Chaabane's history is linked to the arrival of Andalusian Moors, expelled from Spain during the Reconquista in the 15th century.

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Coordinates: 36°28′12″N 10°45′00″E / 36.47000°N 10.75000°E / 36.47000; 10.75000