Dar al-Makhzen (Fez)

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Dar al-Makhzen

Dar al-Makhzen (Arabic: دار المخزن‎) or Palais Royal (Arabic: القصر الملكي‎), is a royal palace of the Alaouite sultan in the city of Fez, Morocco. The palace is located in Fes Jdid quarter. It has an area size of 80 hectares, and known for the brass gate ornamented with zellige tilework and carved cedar woods. The palace is not open to the public.[1] The current gate was a recent renovation, built on top of the ruins of the old gate. The palace is situated in front of the Mechouar Square, which is accessible through Mawlai al-Hassan Street. It is close to Bab Dekakene, one of the gates of Fez.[2]


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