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Dara is a name with more than one origin.

Dara is a gotra (clan) of certain Jats and Punjabis found in India.[citation needed] Members of the Dara gotra are found mainly in Rajasthan (majority), Delhi and Haryana in India. Dara mostly belong to the Khatri caste.



  • In Irish and the English Language, Dara can mean either "oak" or "wise". Dara is also frequently used in Ireland (and the United States), as either a masculine or a feminine given name, and it also occurs as a surname. The spelling varies, with variations including Daire, Darragh and Daragh. The Irish form is probably derived from doire, the Irish word for "oak tree", though as a surname it may be a version of the Irish name Mac Dubhdara. In Irish and Scottish Gaelic, dara means "second".
  • In Kazakh, Dara means special, one of a kind, only one.
  • In old Slavic-Serbian, Dara (Dar) means Gift, or to give a gift.
  • In the Sudan, it is also known as Gbaya-Dara, a Central Sudan language of South Sudan. It is one of the Kresh Languages. Though it is commonly called Gbaya, it is not one of the Abaya languages, which are in the Ubangian family.
  • In Urdu, Dara is Darius.
  • In Kannada, Dara (dAra) means thread.
  • In Khmer, Thai and Lao, Dara is a masculine or feminine name meaning "star".
  • In Hebrew Dara means compassion or pearl of wisdom.
  • In Punjabi, Dara means "leader".
  • In Persian Dara (Persian: دارا) is a masculine name. It means "rich","well-off" and "well-to-do". It is also the name of a male doll, and Dara and Sara are sold as "Iran's alternative to Ken and Barbie".[1] It is the descendant of the Old Persian name Darayaush (Darius)
  • In the Swahili version Dara means "the beautiful one".
  • In Indonesian, Dara means "girl", "young woman", or "virgin".
  • In Javanese, Dara (in which the letters A are pronounced /ɔ/ by the majority of the speakers, slightly like the pronunciation of the letter å in Danish and Norwegian) means "dove" or "pigeon".
  • Dara is a feminine name in Bulgaria and North Macedonia. Its meaning directly derives from "dar", which means "gift" both in Bulgarian and Macedonian. This name stems from the more common male name Bojidar (or Bozhidar), and its female version Bojidara (or Bozhidara), both meaning "Gift of God".
  • Dara is also a short form of Oluwadarasimi or Oluwadara, which in Yoruba means "God is good". The name is given to both boys and girls.[citation needed] Because of tone mark in Yoruba Language, Dara is also a short form of Oluwashindara which means "Wonder" (God still does wonder).
  • In the United States Dara can be a masculine or a feminine given name and means "Wisdom".[2]
  • In Meranau Dara is a Blood.[citation needed]
  • In ancient Sumerian language, Babylonian-Akkadian Cuneiform Tablet writing Dara means "blood" [3]
  • In Gujarati Dara means "every one" [4]
  • In Sikh, Dara is a masculine name that means "Lord", "[5]God"
  • Dara is a Muslim name given to baby boys and its meaning is "Possessor" or "sovereign" and "Halo"(of the moon)[6]
  • The word "Odara" derives from the Brazilian indigenous Ioruba word dara, meaning "gorgeous."
  • In African-American culture, the name Dara is of Bermudian origin, meaning "beautiful".[7]
  • In Parsi, Dara means "Bell" or "Pendant"[8]
  • Sumerian God Enki was also known as "Dara-Mah" [9]
  • In Telugu, Dara means "come".


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