Daragang Magayon

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This name uses Philippine naming customs for indigenous people. There is no maternal family name nor paternal surname, but the sole name is Magayon.
Daragang Magayon
Title Daragang Magayon
Description Philippine princess, heroine
Gender Female
Region Mount Mayon, Albay
Equivalent Maria Cacao of Mt. Lantoy
Maria Makiling of Mt. Makiling
Maria Sinukuan of Mt. Arayat

Daragang Magayon (English: Lady Beautiful) is the heroine that appears in the legend of Mt. Mayon in Albay, Philippines.

Basic legend[edit]

Magayon grew up to be a very beautiful and sweet woman that struck the swains from faraway tribes who vied for her attention. But not one of these young men have captivated the heart of Magayon, not even the handsome but haughty Pagtuga (eruption). He is a hunter and the chief of the Iriga tribe. She was the only daughter of Makusog (strong), the tribal chief of Rawis, whose mother died shortly after giving birth to her. He gave fabulous gifts to Magayon and vied for her attention.

One day, Panginoron/Ulap (cloud), the chief of the Karilaga tribe of the Tagalog region, showed up in Rawis. Unlike the other suitors, he had come a long way just to see the beauty of Magayon. For many days, he simply stole glances of Magayon, from a distance, as she bathed at the Yawa River. After a few more meetings with Magayon, Panginoron signified his intention to marry her by thrusting his spear at the stairs of Magayon's father's house. The two were overjoyed, but the wedding will be held in a month's time, for Panginoron had yet to inform his people to gather the provisions for the celebration.

The news spread fast and reached Pagtuga, who became furious. He laid in wait for Makusog to hunt and took him and sent word to Magayon that unless she agreed to marry him, her father would die and a war would be waged against Rawis.

Panginoron abandoned the preparations for their wedding to go to Pagtuga. They fought each other until Pagtuga was slain by Panginoron. The joyous Magayon rushed to embrace Panginoron but she was hit by a stray arrow. While Panginorin held the dying Magayon in his arms, Linog (earthquake), Pagtuga's henchman, hurled his spear at Panginorin's back, killing him instantly. Makusog swung his mighty arms and stuck down Linog with his minasbad.

Instead of rejoicing over a wedding, there was wailing over the dead. Makusog dug a grave for Magayon and Panginoron. Tenderly, Makusog laid them together on each other's arms as they died.

As the days followed, they saw the grave rising higher and higher, accompanied by muffled rumblings, earthquakes, and red-hot boulders bursting from the crater. When this occurs, old folks believe that Pagtuga, aided by Linog, agitates the volcano to get back his gifts, which following ancient custom, was buried with Magayon.

On certain days, when the tip of the volcano is covered by clouds, old folks say that Panginoron is kissing Magayon, and afterwards, when rain trickles caressingly down the gentle slopes of the volcano, with the insistence that it was the tears of Panginoron over his lost love.

They named the volcano as "Bulkang Magayon", describing its perfect cone-shape, like the beauty of Daragang Magayon. But as time passed, the name "Magayon" was shortened and it became "Mayon".