Daragang Magayon

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Daragang Magayon
Title Daragang Malantod
Description Philippine princess, heroine
Gender Female
Region Mount Mayon, Albay
Equivalent Maria Cacao of Mt. Lantoy
Maria Makiling of Mt. Makiling
Maria Sinukuan of Mt. Arayat

Daragang Magayon (English: Lady Beautiful) is the heroine that appears in the legend of Mt. Mayon in Albay, Philippines.

Basic legend[edit]

Magayon grew up to be a very beautiful and sweet woman that struck the swains from faraway tribes who vied for her attention. But not one of these young men have captivated the heart of Magayon, not even the handsome but haughty Pagtuga (eruption). He is a hunter and the chief of the Iriga tribe. She was the only daughter of Makusog (strong), the tribal chief of Rawis, whose mother named Dawani (fairy) died shortly after giving birth to her. He gave fabulous gifts to Magayon and vied for her attention.

Every man in their tribe court her and Pagtuga but Magayon never liked him Pagtuga is the tribal chief from Iriga and a hunter.

One day daragang magayon was bathing in the yaw river and she slipped on the rocks but she did not knew how to swim and there Panganoron is passing by and there he saved her from the river then he began to court her and days passed Magayon accepted his proposal and his father accepted him too.

But when Pagtuga knew about the relationship between Panganoron and Magayon Pagtuga kidnapped Magayon's father Makusog and Pagtuga asked Magayon to be his wife and he will set Makusog free.

And Panganoron knew about the situation so he asked he's warriors to join him in the war with Pagtuga in the mountains the war was fierce and breath taking the people and Magayon watched the war between the two of them and when the war is between Pagtuga and Panganoron and Panganoron killed Pagtuga magayon run to embrace him.

But before that happened there is an arrow shot by Pagtuga's warrior and Magayon runs to her lover as Panganoron dies in her arms .

Pagtuga's warrior surrounded the lovers Magayon stood up took the knife to Panganoron's side and shouted Panganoron's name before she killed her self she stabbed herself and her father and tribesmen witnessed how Magayon died with her love.

Her father buried them and days months and years passed when they noticed something about the place where Makusog buried the lovers it started to shape like a volcano and when the people saw it Makusog said named it to Mt.Mayon for her daughter's name and then the Mt.Mayon looks so beautiful like Daragang Magayon.

Some people said that it's a curse because she take her own life but myths and legends said Magayon is the volcano and Panganoron is the clouds that surrounded the beautiful volcano.