Daraisung Guden Khan

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Daraisung Guden Khan
Khagan of the Mongols
Predecessor Bodi Alagh Khan
Born 1520
Died 1557 (aged 36–37)
Dynasty Northern Yuan
Father Bodi Alagh Khan

Daraisung Guden Khan (1520–1557) or Darayisung Gudeng Khan was the Mongol Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty based in Mongolia. He was the eldest son of Bodi Alagh Khan, whom he succeeded as Khan.

During his rule, Altan Khan became stronger and more disrespectful of the power of the Great Khan and Daraisung Khan was unable to achieve victory in their conflicts. Altan Khan forced Daraisung Guden Khan to flee eastward. Four years later in 1551, Daraisung made a compromise with Altan accepting Altan's leadership in exchange for giving the title "Gegeen Khan" to him. As a result, Daraisung Guden Khan was forced to relocate his imperial court to the east near Manchuria, and the power of the Great Khan began to decline. Although most Mongol nobles still recognized the Great Khan as the leader, it was in name only and two Borjin nobles declare themselves as khans of their own turfs.

With the decline of a unified Mongol state, his great-grandson, Ligden Khan, the last Borjigin Khan of Mongolia, eventually became known as Ligden of the Chahar, and eventually was subjugated by the Qing dynasty.

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Daraisung Guden Khan
Died: 1547–1557
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Bodi Alagh Khan
Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty
Succeeded by
Tümen Jasagtu Khan