The Fallen Angels (video game)

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The Fallen Angels
Japanese candy cabinet marquee of Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels.
Japanese candy cabinet marquee of Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels.
Developer(s)Steel Hearts
Designer(s)Kouzou Fujimoto (producer)
Mitsuo Kodama (director)
Artist(s)Toshiyuki Kotani
Composer(s)Masaki Izutani
Kumi Tanioka
Genre(s)2D Versus Fighting
Mode(s)Single player, Two-player
Arcade systemPsikyo SH-2
CPUSH-2 28.63635 MHz
SoundYMF278B 28.63635 MHz
DisplayRaster, 320 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 5120 colors

The Fallen Angels (堕落天使, Daraku Tenshi) is an unfinished, 1998, 2D versus fighting arcade game developed by the Steel Hearts development team and published by Psikyo. It was Psikyo's second attempt in the 2D versus fighting genre after Battle K-Road.

A "complete edition" of the game will be released for arcades and later consoles in the future.[1]


Fallen Angels is a two dimensional fighting game that takes a somewhat realistic approach in its gameplay, with no supernatural attacks and fluid movements animated using real motions. Projectile attacks are limited to three characters, atypical for the game's genre. The game featured eight playable characters: Cool, Harry Ness, Yuiren, Yuiran, Tarō, Torao Onigawara, Ruccio Roche, Haiji Mibu. The boss characters are Trigger and Carlos.

Screenshot of The Fallen Angels


The game takes place in 2010, ten years after a massive earthquake that shook an unnamed city. The earthquake severed the city from its surrounding areas, leaving criminals to run as they please. The game revolves around the inhabitants fighting against one another to accomplish their goals.


Information about the game's development and fate are scarce, though it is widely reported that it was released without being completed. The developers of the game then reportedly moved back to SNK, supported by the observation that many of the characters bear striking resemblances to fighters that later appeared in SNK's The King of Fighters series and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Game director Mitsuo Kodama was unhappy that the game's style influenced other rival companies (who has been a founding and active member of K2 LLC) In The King of Fighters '99, the boss character Krizalid resembles one of the characters and has a theme song titled "Dear Falling Angel".

Unfinished sprites for four unplayable characters have been found in the ROMs of the game, speculating that they were meant to be playable characters. They consisted of a female treasure hunter, a shirtless male brawler, a businessman, and a naked male with no genitals.

The upcoming complete version of the game will feature the four unused characters, along with many adjustments.[1]

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