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Village and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab Province
District Jhelum District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Darapur is a village and union council of Jhelum District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is part of Jhelum Tehsil,[1] and is located at 32°44'0N 73°33'0E with an altitude of 214 metres (705 feet).[2] Most of the population belong to the Janjua , Zai and Ratial tribe. Famous personalities of Darapur includes Raja Khair Mehdi, Nawab Raja Zaman Mehdi Khan, Raja Paindah Khan(Khan Bahadur),Raja Abdullah Khan, Raja Shakir Mehdi, Raja Rahim Ullah Khan, Nawab Raja Talib Mehdi, Nawab Raja Nasarullah Khan, Raja Ayub, Raja Yaqub, Raja Lehrasab Khan, Nawab Raja Afzal Mehdi, Raja Fazal Mehdi, Nawab Raja Iqbal Mehdi, Raja Arif Zaman Mehdi


Coordinates: 32°43′0″N 73°33′0″E / 32.71667°N 73.55000°E / 32.71667; 73.55000