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Dare Foods
IndustryFood processing
FoundedBerlin, Ontario, Canada in 1919

Dare Foods, Limited is a Canada-based food manufacturing company. They have seven factories in Canada and the United States. Their products are distributed in North America and at least 25 other countries.[1]

The founder of Dare Foods, Charles H. Doerr, started off in 1892 by making and selling cookies and candies in a small grocery shop in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. By 1919 he created the C.H. Doerr Company that distributed his goods within the Ontario area. In 1941, Charles’ grandson, Carl Doerr, took over the business and legally changed the name to "Dare" because it was easier to pronounce.[citation needed] Dare products became more popular Canada-wide by 1954 and began exporting to the U.S. in 1956.


Dare is known for adopting the resealable, "tin tie" packaging, for their cookies, that was originally used for coffee. This bag guaranteed freshness and soon became the standard packaging for cookies across Canada.[2]

Dare continued to grow rapidly by expanding their product lines and starting new trends in the food industry. Some of their lines include: Breton crackers, RealFruit Gummies, Bremner Biscuits, Culinar "fine bread," and Grissol chocolate-coated cookies. Due to the recent awareness of nut allergies, Dare declared all of its facilities to be "peanut free." They were one of the first large food manufacturers in Canada to do this.[citation needed]

The following is a list of traditional products they make:

Dare tries to provide snacks for families. A few of their new promoted products are:

  • Bear Paws Cereal and Fruit
  • Bear Paws Crackers
  • Baguettes Bites
  • Simple Pleasures Moments

Contact Information[edit]

Dare Foods Ltd. still has its head office in Kitchener, Ontario, where Charles H. Doerr first started his shop. They have an English service phone number and a French number.[3]


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