Darfur Peace and Development Organization

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Darfur Peace and Development Organization is a small Darfurian-run nonprofit organization, based in the United States, that works toward reconciliation in the Darfur region of Sudan. DPDO is committed to promoting and restoring peace and sustainable development in Darfur, Western Sudan, in Africa.

In operations since 2002, Darfur Peace & Development is a nonsectarian organization with headquarters in Washington, DC, and offices in Khartoum and El Fasher Sudan. DPDO works to foster reconciliation, to facilitate just governance and to enable Darfurians to rebuild their homeland in effective, sustainable ways. DPDO also promotes awareness of the crisis in the United States.

The mission of DPDO is to provide humanitarian relief to victims of the genocide in Darfur, to facilitate just governance, and to enable Darfurians to effectively rebuild and develop their homeland.