Dagvyn Luvsansharav

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Dagvyn Luvsansharav
Born June 1, 1927
Khentii Aimag, Mongolia
Died May 25, 2014
Nationality Mongolian
Other names Лувсаншарав Дагвын
Occupation Composer
Known for Maamuu Naash Ir[1]

Dagvyn Luvsansharav (Mongolian: Дагвын Лувсаншарав; 1927-2014)[2] is a Mongolian composer. Described as having a "rich repertoire of Mongolian songs which have a special place",[3] he is perhaps best known for his Sükhbaataryn Magtuu (Praise of Sükhbaatar) or his ballet Legend of the Sun.[4][5] His music featured in the 1994 Mongolian film Toorog, directed by Yondonbaliin Tserendolgor. Luvsansharav became an Honoured Artist of the Republic in the early sixties.[3]


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