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Dario Hunter
Dario Hunter YCSD (cropped).jpg
Member of the Youngstown Board of Education
In office
Personal details
Born (1983-04-21) April 21, 1983 (age 36)[1]
Livingston, New Jersey, U.S.[1]
Political partyGreen (2018–present)
Independent (2017–2018)
Democratic (Before 2017)
EducationPrinceton University (BA) [2]
University of Windsor (LLB)
University of Detroit (JD)
Wayne State University (LLM)
Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (Semikhah)[3]
OccupationRabbi of College of Wooster [2][3]

Dario David Hunter (born April 21, 1983), also known as Yisroel Hunter,[4] is an American lawyer, rabbi, educator, and politician. He is the first Muslim-born man to be ordained as a rabbi.[5]


Hunter is openly gay and was raised by his Iranian Muslim father and African American mother in Newark and Jersey City in New Jersey.[6]

Rabbinic career[edit]

Hunter converted to Judaism, first through the Reform movement and then through an Orthodox process.[4] He was ordained as a rabbi in 2012 by the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute in New York City.[7][5][8][6]

A former environmental attorney in Israel, he currently lives in Youngstown, Ohio, and is a rabbi at the College of Wooster.[2][6][9]

A member of Jewish Voice for Peace, Hunter was fired from a position as rabbi of Ohev Tzedek-Shaarei Torah synagogue after critical comments he made about Israel were published in a Cleveland.com article.[10][11][12]

Political career[edit]

Youngstown politics[edit]

Hunter was a Democratic Party candidate for Youngstown City Council in the 2015 primary election.[9] In the 2015 general election, he won a write-in campaign for a seat on the Youngstown Board of Education.[13] In May 2018, he joined the Green Party, becoming the only Green elected officeholder in Ohio.[14]

Hunter has been noted in the media for his outspoken stances on a number of school board issues, including what he sees as the Youngstown Board of Education's responsibility for low scores on state report cards,[15][16] ethics violations,[17] nepotism,[17] and creationism in the curriculum.[18][19]

2020 presidential campaign[edit]

Exploratory committee launch[edit]

On January 21, 2019, Hunter officially announced the formation of an exploratory committee to prepare for a potential run in the 2020 Green Party presidential primaries.[20][21] Hunter stated that America's divisions and inequalities demanded "a real national conversation about how to change the direction of this country."[22]

Announcement of candidacy[edit]

On February 18, 2019, Hunter officially announced his candidacy for the Green Party nomination during an event held in Pittsburgh.[23] The New Republic referred to Hunter as "as diverse as candidates come..."[24] Hunter stated to that publication, “If we want to cut through the lack of attention given [to Greens], we need someone who has a loud and clear voice and a tough skin." “It takes a tough skin to be an openly gay black son-of-an immigrant Jewish rabbi.”[24]

MTV.com highlighted his platform's inclusion of single-payer healthcare for all and "plans to transition the United States to renewable energy entirely." [25]

Firing from synagogue over position on Israel[edit]

Ohev Tzedek-Shaarei Torah, the Boardman, Ohio, synagogue where Hunter served as rabbi, fired him after his comments on Israel were published in a Cleveland.com article.[10][11] Hunter stated to Cleveland.com that he did "not believe the United States should be providing any form of aid to Israel or any human-rights abusers” and referred to Israel's treatment of Palestinians as "horribly atrocious".[26] The synagogue initially denied that his statements on Israel had anything to do with the decision, citing merely his choice to run for president and the time commitments involved.[27] The synagogue later affirmed that his statements on Israel had led to his termination.[28]

Hunter has made fighting anti-BDS laws a part of his campaign, telling German paper Jüdische Allgemeine, "We will fight the attempt to curtail our rights to freedom of expression through laws that ban the boycott of Israel and the criticism of its human rights violations." [29]

Bruce Zoldan's comments[edit]

Bruce Zoldan, CEO of Phantom Fireworks, major Trump donor[30] and board member of Ohev Tzedek-Shaarei Torah, stated in an email to the synagogue's board, "I will finance him if he promises to open and manage a gay bar for former Muslims with Jewish beliefs in Ramallah."[28] Hunter, an openly gay convert to Judaism from Islam, told The Vindicator that he was "shocked and saddened" by Zoldan's statement and called it "homophobic and anti-Muslim." [31]

Campaign tour[edit]

Speaking to press in Carbondale, Illinois, Hunter criticized what he saw as the use of children as "political pawns" in addressing immigration issues at the border.[32] He called for better access to healthcare, a Bill of Rights for people of color, and vowed to end privatization in school districts.[33]

Visit to Israel[edit]

Hunter visited Haifa, Israel the day before April Israeli elections to meet with Reem Hazzan, the campaign manager for the joint campaign of Hadash and Ta'al.[34] His visit generated press attention in both the United States and Israel, with particular emphasis given to Hunter's advocacy for Palestinian rights and his reference to the area as 'Israel-Palestine,' a term also used in the Green Party's official platform.[35][36][37]


Legal actions[edit]

In 2017, Hunter filed a lawsuit against the Youngstown City School District in the Ohio Supreme Court for failing to provide public records. His request focused on a company contracted to hire principals for the district. The district settled with Hunter, providing the records and paying him costs. Hunter planned to donate the $100 awarded for court fees to the Boys and Girls Club.[38]

In 2018, Hunter sued the Ohio Department of Education in the Ohio Supreme Court for failing to provide public records on an investigation into Youngstown's CEO for alleged inappropriate conduct.[39] The Department of Education settled with Hunter, providing the records and paying towards his costs.[39]

Electoral history[edit]

2015 Youngstown city council (Ward 6)
Democratic primary election [40]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Anita Davis 457 67.11
Democratic Christine Silvestri 204 29.96
Democratic Dario Hunter 20 2.94
Total votes 681 100.00
2015 Youngstown city school district election[41]
Voters Choose Four
Name Votes Percent Outcome
Brenda Kimble, non-partisan 6,695 37.59% gain
Michael Murphy, non-partisan 5,613 31.51% hold
Corrine Sanderson, non-partisan 3,545 19.90% gain
Dario Hunter, write-in 885 4.97% gain
Tina Cvetkovich, write-in 425 2.39% loss
Tyrone Peakes II, write-in 410 2.30% loss
Rick Alli, write-in 238 1.34% loss
2017 Clerk of the Municipal Court, Youngstown
General election [42]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Sarah Brown-Clark 7,915 73.22
Independent Dario Hunter 2,894 26.78
Total votes 10,809 100.00


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