Darius Juozas Mockus

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Darius Mockus

Darius Mockus (born 29 March 1965 in Vilnius) is a Lithuanian entrepreneur and mass media owner (NEO-PRESS, Alfa Media and TV channel LNK).

Darius Mockus is President of concern "MG Baltic" and General Director of holding "MG Baltic Trade".

Mockus started his first entrepreneurship ride in the late 80's running a cooperative "Litas". Later, throughout the 90's, his professional career accelerated further as with every year he gained experience of managing and administering new business units. Also, Mockus was one of the founders who established the Lithuanian Free Market Institute.


1990 – Executive Director at the National Commodity Exchange AB "Lietuvos birža" (Lithuanian Exchange).

1991–1992 President of "Lietuvos investicija" (Lithuanian Investment).

Since 1992 – Chairman of the Board of investment stock company "Investicijos fondas" (Investment Fund).

Since 1996 – Director of JSC "Minvista".

Since 2000 – Director of concern "MG Baltic" (previously "Minvista"),

Since 2002 – President of the concern.

In 2002 commission of experts in "Veidas" magazine recognised Darius Mockus as Manager of the Year (in Lithuania).