Dark-winged trumpeter

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Dark-winged trumpeter
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Gruiformes
Family: Psophiidae
Genus: Psophia
Species: P. viridis
Binomial name
Psophia viridis
Spix, 1825

The dark-winged trumpeter (Psophia viridis) is a species of bird in the Psophiidae family. It is found in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, but only south of the Amazon River and east of the Madeira River. The eastern range of dark-winged trumpeter extends into the lower adjacent Tocantins River drainage in the Brazilian state of Pará. As of 2012, this species is listed as Endangered,[2] with the easternmost subspecies obscura rare.

There are some differences in the colour of the back and chest in the subspecies, and it has been suggested that these should be treated as separate species: P. viridis between the Madeira and Tapajós rivers, P. dextralis between the Tapajós and Tocantins rivers, and P. obscura east of the Tocantins.[3] The taxon dextralis can potentially be split further, with interjecta between Tocantins and Xingu, and "true" dextralis for the population between the Tapajós and Xingu.[4]


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