Dark Ages: Inquisitor

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Dark Ages: Inquisitor
Dark Ages Inquisitor Cover.jpg
Dark Ages: Inquisitor cover
Designer(s) Matthew McFarland, Emily K. Dresner-Thornber, Myranda Kalis, Anthony Ragan, Sarah Roark, C. A. Suleiman, Adam Tinworth, Janet Trautvetter
Publisher(s) White Wolf
Publication date September 1, 2002
System(s) Storyteller System

Dark Ages: Inquisitor is a role-playing game book part of the series of "Dark Ages" supplements published by White Wolf, Inc..


When White Wolf returned to historial RPGs in 2002, they relaunched Dark Ages: Vampire (2002) as a core rulbook; supplements were added for other magical groups, each dependent upon Dark Ages: Vampire to play. All of the surviving World of Darkness games got Dark Ages attention in this way, including Dark Ages: Inquisitor (2002).[1]


The book is a supplement for playing inquisitors in Dark Ages: Vampire. Though a supplement, it is also a very good standalone, letting your Players choose the role of members of the 'Shadow Inquisition' consisting of various monastic and lay factions, such as the Red Brethren or the House of Murnau. As a crossover/supplement with Dark Ages:Vampire it should be used with care, for the very high power level of the Inquisitors that enables a troupe of medium-skilled Inquisitors to mop up whole legions of Vampires. The Powerlevel is much higher than that of the somewhat related Hunter: The Reckoning. The Game System is however very similar to Hunter, enabling the players to exchange Conviction to buy powers called 'Blessings'.

Many players and storytellers use this book as a guide to create non-player characters to represent members of the Society of Leopold in the Modern Nights era of the World of Darkness. The Society of Leopold is, after all, the Modern Nights version of the warrior orders of the Dark Ages Inquisition. The end result is to create very dangerous antagonists that threaten players.[2]


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