Dark Ages: Mage

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Dark Ages: Mage
DarkagesmageRPG c.jpg
Dark Ages: Mage cover
Designer(s) Bill Bridges, Kraig Blackwelder, David Bolack, Stephen Michael Dipesa, Mur Lafferty, James Maliszewski, John Maurer, Tara Maurer, Matthew McFarland
Publisher(s) White Wolf
Publication date September 1, 2002
System(s) Storyteller System

Dark Ages: Mage is a role-playing game book, part of a series of "Dark Ages" supplements created by White Wolf Publishing.


When White Wolf returned to historical settings in 2002, they relaunched Dark Ages: Vampire as a core rulebook; supplements were added for other supernatural groups, each dependent upon Dark Ages: Vampire to play. Four other Classic World of Darkness settings were published as Dark Ages spin-offs, including Dark Ages: Mage (2002).[1]


This book acts as both a precursor to Mage: The Ascension. It is a wildly different system from the modern counterpart, as Paradox has not quite taken hold. Because the consensus of reality is less powerful, magic itself is more bold. Rather than magic commonly being explained away by coincidence, it is often obviously the working of some powerful being.


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