Dark Ages: Werewolf

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Dark Ages: Werewolf
DarkAgesWerewolf cover.jpg
Dark Ages: Werewolf cover
Publisher(s) White Wolf
Genre(s) Personal Horror
System(s) Storyteller System

Dark Ages: Werewolf is a Supplementary Role-Playing Book published by White Wolf, Inc.


When White Wolf returned to historial RPGs in 2002, they relaunched Dark Ages: Vampire (2002) as a core rulbook; supplements were added for other magical groups, each dependent upon Dark Ages: Vampire to play. All of the surviving World of Darkness games got Dark Ages attention in this way, including Dark Ages: Werewolf (2003).[1]


Publication information[edit]

Published in 2003 2nd Edition Print. Hardback
White wolf Catalogue Number: WW20005 ISBN 1-58846-284-6 232 Pages

Original Game concept credited to Mark Rein·Hagen


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