Dark Endless

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Dark Endless
Marduk - Dark Endless.jpg
Studio album by Marduk
Released December 1992
Recorded June 1992 at Hellspawn Studios
Genre Blackened death metal[1]
Length 30:11
Label No Fashion
Producer Marduk
Marduk chronology
Fuck Me Jesus
Dark Endless
Those of the Unlight
Alternate cover
2006 re-issue digipak cover
2006 re-issue digipak cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
About.com 3.5/5 stars[2]
AllMusic 3.5/5 stars[3]

Dark Endless is the debut studio album by Swedish black metal band Marduk. It was recorded and mixed at Hellspawn Studios during four days in June 1992 and released that December by No Fashion Records. Like many early black metal albums, it mixes black metal vocals with predominantly death metal stylings. Dark Endless is the only Marduk studio album to feature Andreas Axelsson on vocals and Rikard Kalm on bass, as by Marduk's second album Those of the Unlight, they had been replaced by Joakim Göthberg (who previously had already been contributing vocals) and B. War respectively.

There also exists a Christian unblack metal band named "Dark Endless" who are named after this particular album.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)" 3:58
2. "The Sun Turns Black as Night" 3:06
3. "Within the Abyss" 3:41
4. "The Funeral Seemed to Be Endless" 3:37
5. "Departure from the Mortals" 3:24
6. "The Black..." 4:03
7. "Dark Endless" 3:53
8. "Holy Inquisition" 4:25

The album intro and "Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)", which were initially one track, were divided into two for the Regain Records reissue of the album. The songs are listed in the reissued track listing as "The Eye of Funeral" and "Still Fucking Dead" (dropping "Here's No Peace" from the title). This is why bonus tracks on the disc start at track 10 instead of track 9.


The album was re-released with bonus tracks in digipak format on 4 April 2006.



  • Andreas Axelsson – vocals
  • Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson – guitar
  • Magnus "Devo" Andersson – guitar
  • Rikard Kalm – bass guitar
  • Joakim Göthberg – drums, vocals



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