Dark Hope

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Dark Hope
Dark Hope (Fleming).jpg
Studio album by Renée Fleming
Released 8 June 2010
Genre Indie rock
Length 48:19
Label Decca Records
Cat. No.: B0014186-02
Producer David Kahne
Renée Fleming chronology
Dark Hope

Dark Hope is a 2010 album of indie rock titles sung by opera soprano Renée Fleming.

The album was the idea of Peter Mensch and Cliff Burnstein; after listening to Fleming's performance of "In the Pines" on Elvis Costello's TV show Spectacle, they approached Fleming and producer David Kahne.[1] The aim was not to produce a typical crossover album, but a collection of songs sung without any hint of operatic vocal strength.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original artist Length
1. "Endlessly" (from Absolution) Muse 3:59
2. "No One's Gonna Love You" Band of Horses 3:41
3. "Oxygen" (from Where the Humans Eat) Willy Mason 4:15
4. "Today" Jefferson Airplane 3:22
5. "Intervention" Arcade Fire 4:19
6. "With Twilight As My Guide" (from Octahedron) The Mars Volta 5:33
7. "Mad World" Tears for Fears 3:53
8. "In Your Eyes" Peter Gabriel 5:01
9. "Stepping Stone" Duffy 3:26
10. "Soul Meets Body" Death Cab for Cutie 3:11
11. "Hallelujah" Leonard Cohen 7:39
Total length: 48:19

Chart performance[edit]

on chart
Austria[3] 68 1
France[3] 105 4
Greece[3] 12 2
Portugal[3] 21 1
Spain[3] 73 1
Sweden[3] 59 1


Performance credits[edit]

Technical credits[edit]

  • Roy Hendrickson – engineer
  • David Kahne – arranger, programming, producer, engineer
  • Rebecca Meek – art direction


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