Dark Knight (TV series)

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Dark Knight
Created byTerry Marcel
Written byAshley Sidaway
Keith Claxton
Phil O'Shea
Ben Aaronovitch
Andrew Cartmel
Directed byKeith Claxton
Terry Marcel
Harley Cokeliss
Declan Eames
Mark Ezra
StarringCharlotte Comer
Ben Pullen
Peter O'Farrell
Marama Jackson
Cameron Rhodes
Todd Rippon
Jeffrey Thomas
Desmond Kelly
Michael Wilson
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Harley Cokeliss
Clive Waldron
Producer(s)Terry Marcel
Joseph D'Morais
Editor(s)Terry Marcel
Production company(s)Dark Knight Productions
Palana Productions
DistributorElephant Films (2002) (France) (all media)
Pioneer LDC (2003) (Japan) (DVD)
Portman Entertainment Group
Original release1 July 2000 – 27 January 2002

Dark Knight or (Fantasy Quest), is a 2000 TV series, a medieval adventure, and a radical new look at the Ivanhoe legend, a Channel 5 series, an Ivanhoe for the 21st Century, battling not only tyranny and oppression but a Pandora's Box of strange, terrifying and magical creatures. An epic journey into the Dark Ages; a time of fear, magic and mystery, of action and exciting adventure where the only light in a dangerous land is the glint of fire on the sword blade of the "Chosen One" - the Dark Knight. This joint New Zealand/England production attempted to capitalize on the same sword and sorcery market successfully mined by Xena: Warrior Princess. [1]


In the year of 1193, Richard the "Lionheart", King of England, led the third Great Crusade to reclaim the Holy Land from the Turks. After the battle, on their return home to England, Richard and his Knights are captured by the forces of Austria's Emperor, and held prisoners of war in the castle of Austria. In the castle dungeon, the knights are being tortured to tell the Austrians the location of King Richard's treasure. But the knights reply "there is no treasure". The guards don't believe them. Then one of the English knights, Tancred, tells the head-guard that they do have one treasure that all of England will pay for - "King Richard" himself! The head-guard understands what he means - "a ransom". Tancred agrees to return to England, to collect the ransom, telling the guard that Richard's brother Prince John will pay dearly for the king's freedom. The guard orders Tancred to tell the prince to raise "100,000 gold crowns", he tells him that when the Austrians have them, King Richard and his Knights will be free and have their passage home. He gives Tancred three months, if he didn't get the ransom in time, the Austrians would start killing his fellow knights. Of course, the knight chained close to Tancred believed the part about Prince John paying for King Richard's ransom to be false. The knight's name - Ivanhoe! As the guards were releasing Tancred to return to England, and looking the other way, Ivanhoe saw a sword close to him, kicked it into the air, and grabbed it. The head-guard looked back, and rushed over to Ivanhoe, but he stabbed him, and freed himself. One of the other knights told Ivanhoe release him too. But the other knights warned Ivanhoe of the guards coming. As the two knights fought their way out, they said that Prince John will never pay Richard's ransom, and that Tancred will betray them all. Then one of the guards held a cross-bow, and shot the brave knight in the chest. He told Ivanhoe, "King Richard must be ransomed! England must be saved! Go, Ivanhoe! Go!" So, Ivanhoe killed the guard, and ran out the door. He escaped on a horse, and road off west, towards England! Ivanhoe returned home a month later, his plan was to, return to his family home to make peace with his father, raise the ransom, and restore King Richard to the throne of England.


  • Ben Pullen as Ivanhoe
  • Charlotte Comer as Rebecca
  • Peter O'Farrell as Odo
  • Jeffrey Thomas as Mordour
  • Cameron Rhodes as Prince John
  • Todd Rippon as Falco
  • Michael Wilson as Friar Bacon
  • Desmond Kelly as Fingal
  • Adam Brookfield as Tancred
  • Dwayne Cameron as Mordred


Season 1[edit]

  • E1 - Dark Knight, Pt. 1 - 2000-07-01
  • E2 - Dark Knight, Pt. 2 - 2000-07-01
  • E3 - Marjan the Magnificent - 2000-07-08
  • E4 - King of the Woods - 2000-07-15
  • E5 - Ultimate Sword - 2000-07-22
  • E6 - Spellbound - 2000-07-29
  • E7 - Games Master - 2000-08-05
  • E8 - Possessor - 2000-08-12
  • E9 - Deadly Assassin - 2000-08-19
  • E10 - Golden Bird - 2000-08-26
  • E11 - Dragon Singer - 2000-09-09
  • E12 - High Elf - 2000-09-16
  • E13 - Stolen Souls - 2000-09-23

Season 2[edit]

  • E1 - Boneman - 2001-11-17
  • E2 - Puppet Master - 2001-11-24
  • E3 - Damned - 2001-12-01
  • E4 - The Claw - 2001-12-08
  • E5 - Black Tree - 2001-12-15
  • E6 - Kha - 2001-12-22
  • E7 - Stormguard - 2001-12-29
  • E8 - Shadowraiths - 2002-01-06
  • E9 - Streng - 2002-01-13
  • E10 - Thunderknight - 2002-01-20
  • E11 - Scorpion - 2002-01-27
  • E12 - Stonegod
  • E13 - Shameer

Released as DVD[edit]

While originally set to be released as a television series, the episodes were instead edited together and released as a 91-minute DVD in 2002, distributed by MTI Home Video and 20th century Fox... as Darkest Knight in the United Kingdom and as Fantasy Quest in the United States. AllRovi offered that series star, "humorless Ben Pullen, who looks like a young, underdeveloped Arnold Schwarzenegger, and CGI monsters that look like they were shot from a video game screen, no doubt were the potential TV series' downfall.[1] [2]


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