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The Dark Mail Alliance is an organization dedicated to creating an email protocol and architecture with end-to-end encryption.[1]

In October 2013, Silent Circle and Lavabit announced a project to create a more secure alternative to email and began a fundraising effort.[2][3] The Dark Mail Alliance team consists of Phil Zimmermann, Jon Callas, Mike Janke, and Ladar Levison.[1]

Dark Internet Mail Environment[edit]

Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME) aims to be a secure communication platform for asynchronous messaging across the Internet. It was presented by Ladar Levison and Stephen Watt at DEF CON on August 8, 2014.[4]


There have been multiple revisions for DIME specifications. The latest revision is presented as a preliminary draft.

  • First public revision, December 2014[5]
  • Preliminary draft, March 2015[6]


  • Dark Mail Transfer Protocol (DMTP)
  • Dark Mail Access Protocol (DMAP)

Data formats[edit]

  • Signet Data Format
  • Message Data Format (D/MIME)



Magma is the reference MIME server implementation. It supports server side encryption, SMTP, POP, IMAP and HTTP.[7]


Volcano, a Thunderbird fork with DIME support.[8]

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