Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light

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Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light
Studio album by Afrika Bambaataa
Released October 26, 2004
Recorded 2003-2004
Genre Hip hop, rap, electro-funk
Label Tommy Boy
Producer The Fort Knox Five, Überzone, DJ Sharaz, Simply Jeff, DJ Hektek
Afrika Bambaataa chronology
Looking for the Perfect Beat: 1980–1985
Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light

Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light is a 2004 album by Afrika Bambaataa, released on Tommy Boy Entertainment.

Track listing[edit]

1."Got That Vibe" (featuring King Kamozi)Bambaataa, Fort Knox Five[1]The Fort Knox Five4:07
2."Metal" (featuring Gary Numan & MC Chatterbox)Gary Numan, Debbie Harry, Chris Stein 4:58
3."Dark Matter" (featuring King Kamozi)Bambaataa, Fort Knox FiveThe Fort Knox Five3:55
4."Take You Back"Bambaataa, Fort Knox FiveThe Fort Knox Five3:57
5."Soul Makossa"Manu DibangoÜberzone5:02
6."Just a Smoke" (Featuring Mustafa Akbar)Bambaataa, Fort Knox FiveThe Fort Knox Five3:42
7."2137" (Featuring Alien Ness)Bambaataa, DJ SharazDJ Sharaz3:50
8."Almighty Ra" (Featuring TC Izlam)Bambaataa, DJ SharazDJ Sharaz5:13
9."Touch & Go" (Featuring Muriel Fowler)Allan Felder, Bunny Sigler 5:40
10."Shake 'N Pop Roll" (Featuring Aghi Spirits)Bambaataa, Steve "Boogie" Brown 5:05
11."Ain't Talkin' No Shh"BambaataaSimply Jeff4:32
12."Pick Up on This"Bambaataa 4:51
13."No Dope Fiends on the Floor"Bambaataa 4:51
14."Electro Salsa" DJ Hektek1:22
15."B More Shake"Bambaataa 1:17
16."Meet Me at the Party"BambaataaÜberzone3:46
17."Sally" (Featuring King Kamozi)Bambaataa, Hector TorresDJ Hektek5:19
18."Zulu Chant No. 5"  1:14


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