Dark Reel

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Dark Reel
Dark Reel FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Josh Eisenstadt
Produced by Amy Dowdle
John Dowdle
David Forline
Jenapher Forline
Jesse Pate
Written by Aaron Pope
Starring Tiffany Shepis
Lance Henriksen
Edward Furlong
Mercedes McNab
Alexandra Holden
Tony Todd
Music by Jim Kaufman
Distributed by Northstar Associates
Release date
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
108 minutes
Language English

Dark Reel is a 2008 horror/thriller film starring Tiffany Shepis, Edward Furlong, Mercedes McNab, Alexandra Holden, Tony Todd and Lance Henriksen and directed by Josh Eisenstadt.


After his girlfriend leaves him, lonely horror movie buff Adam Waltz moves to Los Angeles to be closer to her. There he lands a walk-on role in studio chief Connor Pritchett's latest cinematic schlockfest, Pirate Wench. One night, a killer starts stalking the set, and before long bodies are piling up. On the downside, it wreaks havoc with the film's budget. On the upside, Adam's part keeps getting bigger and bigger. With ace police detectives Shields and LaRue on the case, everyone hopes the mystery will be solved quickly. But when Adam begins seeing the ghost of an actress who died fifty years ago, there may be more to this serial killing spree than a psycho with a taste for torture.


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