Dark Resurrection

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Dark Resurrection
Dark Resurrection locandina.jpg
Directed by Angelo Licata
Produced by Angelo Licata
Starring Giuseppe Licata
Marcella Braga
Maurizio Zuppa
Music by Aldo De Scalzi
Cinematography Angelo Licata
Edited by Federico Lagna
Guerre Stellari Net
RCL Sound FX
Lords of Illusion
Distributed by Machiavelli Music Publishing
Release dates
7 June 2007
Running time
61 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Dark Resurrection is an Italian Star Wars fanfilm written and directed by Angelo Licata and produced by Davide Bigazzi and Licata.


The story begins a few centuries after Return of the Jedi, telling the story of a young Jedi apprentice, Hope, who lives during a period of great change in the balance between the force and the galaxy.

Lord Sorran, a dark Jedi, searches for Eron, a mythical source of great power. Jedi Master Organa has foreseen the destruction of the Jedi, and Hope and her master, Zui Mar-Lee, are sent to attempt to reach Eron first.


  • Marcella Braga as Hope
  • Riccardo Leto as Leto
  • Giuseppe Licata as Lord Sorran
  • Sergio Múñiz as Muniza
  • Grazia Ogulin as Nemer
  • Fabrizio Rizzolo as Zorol
  • Sara Ronco as His
  • Elisa Werneck as Organa
  • Giorgia Wurth as Meres
  • Maurizio Zuppa as Zui Mar Lee


It consists of two episodes, each 60 minutes long. Movie scenes were shot in Italian Riviera in Liguria and further enhanced by special effects.


The first episode was released on 7 June 2007.[1]


The film was acclaimed by critics. In a short time it had an unexpected success, with over 15,000 downloads per day,[2] and was broadcast on television.[3]


The second episode, called Dark Resurrection Vol. 0, was released on September 8, 2011 and is currently available on YouTube.[4]


The third episode to be released will be called Dark Resurrection Vol. 2. On the heels of the popular fan films Dark Resurrection Vol. 0 and Vol. 1, Dark Resurrection Vol. 2 is being launched on Fansflock.com, a new USA fanfunding platform. They are seeking help to fanfund the new epic finale. Angelo Licata, Director, has lined up some unique rewards for the film’s contributors, from the lightsaber props used in the movie to meeting the cast to even producer credits.[5]


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