Dark River (Minnesota)

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Dark River (Minnesota)
Country United States
Physical characteristics
Main source Minnesota

The Dark River is a DNR-designated trout stream located approximately 10 miles north of Chisholm, Minnesota. The stream offers moderate angling opportunities for Brown Trout, and the occasional Northern Pike has been caught there. It begins at Dark Lake and as this is a tributary of the Sturgeon River, it ends where it meets that river.

There is an excellent hiking trail along the north side of the river, which does not offer much in the way of angling opportunities, but it does offer a lot in the way of good back country camping, mushroom hunting and small game.[citation needed] The South Trail offers the "Angler Access" trail which provides stream-bank access for shore fishermen, and more convenient access for those with waders wanting to do fly fishing.

There are no designated campsites along this river or trail, but there are many excellent spots to set up.[citation needed]

This river is narrow and quite curvy with little to no drop so it stays level. Canoe access would be difficult on this river and is not recommended. There are many trees down across this river in places, and water navigation is considered difficult at best.

This river is the site of a multi-organizational cleanup and restoration effort. Area mining is thought to have polluted smaller rivers, destroying aquatic invertebrates, and in turn, destroying the fish and wildlife populations.[citation needed] Efforts in recent years[when?] to turn this around have yielded some moderate success, but citizens continue to keep a watchful eye on the river in hopes for a restored fishery.

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Coordinates: 47°42′44″N 92°51′15″W / 47.7121469°N 92.8540699°W / 47.7121469; -92.8540699[1]


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