Dark Shadows: The Rage Beneath

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The Rage Beneath
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Dark Shadows
Release no. 1.4
Written by Scott Alan Woodard
Directed by Gary Russell
Produced by Stuart Manning
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Length 70 minutes

Dark Shadows: The Rage Beneath is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running American horror soap opera series Dark Shadows.

Four original series cast members reprise their roles -- David Selby as Quentin Collins, Lara Parker as Angelique, John Karlen as Willie Loomis, and Kathryn Leigh Scott as Maggie Evans.

The cast also includes Robert Rodan, who played Adam in the original series, and Jamison Selby, David Selby's son.


As a storm rages across Collinsport, ancient forces are stirring throughout the town. The waters of the ocean hold dark secrets for the Collins family - secrets that must be revealed once and for all. As a malevolent power takes hold, Quentin Collins finds himself facing a final confrontation...


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