Dark Star (soundtrack)

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Dark Star
White starship surrounded by red energy against a field of stars.
Soundtrack album by
LabelCitadel (original release)
We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want (2016 release)
John Carpenter chronology
Dark Star
Escape from New York

Dark Star is a soundtrack by John Carpenter for the 1974 film of the same name. While recorded in 1973, it wasn't released by Citadel until 1980, after the 1979 re-release of the film and the success of Carpenter's 1978 film Halloween. A limited expanded edition was released in 2016 through We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."Music, Sound Effects and Dialogue Excerpts Part 1"25:10
2."Music, Sound Effects and Dialogue Excerpts Part 2"25:51
Total length:51:01
2016 reissue bonus tracks
3."When Twilight Falls On NGC 891"Martin Segundo and the Scintilla Strings3:47
4."Doolittle’s Solo (Remake)"Alan Howarth1:21
5."Benson Arizona (Remake)"Dominik Hauser2:37


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