Dark Things

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Dark Things
Dark things.jpg
Dust-jacket illustration by Herb Arnold, design by Gary Gore for Dark Things
Author edited by August Derleth
Cover artist Herb Arnold, design by Gary Gore
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy, Horror short stories
Publisher Arkham House
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 330 pp

Dark Things is an anthology of horror stories edited by August Derleth. It was released in 1971 by Arkham House in an edition of 3,051 copies. It was Derleth's fourth anthology of previously unpublished stories released by Arkham House. A translation in Japanese has also been released.


Dark Things contains the following tales:

  1. "The Funny Farm", by Robert Bloch
  2. "The Eyes of Mme. Dupree", by P.H. Booth
  3. "'The Peril That Lurks Among Ruins'", by Joseph Payne Brennan
  4. "Napier Court", by Ramsey Campbell
  5. "Shaggai", by Lin Carter (Cthulhu Mythos tale)
  6. "The Dweller in the Tomb", by Lin Carter (Cthulhu Mythos tale)
  7. "The House by the Tarn", by Basil Copper
  8. "The Knocker at the Portico", by Basil Copper
  9. "Lord of the Depths", by David Drake
  10. "Omega", by Alice R. Hill
  11. "The House in the Oaks", by Robert E. Howard and August Derleth
  12. "The Singleton Barrier", by Carl Jacobi
  13. "The Case of the Double Husband", by Margery Lawrence
  14. "Innsmouth Clay", by H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth
  15. "The Conch Shell", by Brian Lumley
  16. "Rising With Surtsey", by Brian Lumley
  17. "Company in the Orchard", by Francis May
  18. "'Beyondaril'", by John Metcalfe
  19. "The Manterfield Inheritance", by Charles Partington
  20. "The Storm King", by Emil Petaja
  21. "The Elevator", by James Wade
  22. "Appointment with Fire", by H. Russell Wakefield
  23. "The Rings of the Papaloi", by Donald J. Walsh, Jr.
  24. "Requiem for Earth", by Donald Wandrei


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