Dark Town

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Dark Town
DT cover 72.jpg
Date January 1995
Main characters Jacques De Bergerac
Publisher Mad Monkey Press
Creative team
Writers Kaja Blackley
Artists Vanessa Chong

Dark Town is a comic book by Canadian cartoonist Kaja Blackley. It was illustrated by Vanessa Chong and published by Mad Monkey Press.


A man, Jacques De Bergerac, is in a coma after being in a car accident. He finds himself in Dark Town, where the land is dominated by strange living, breathing puppets and marionettes with button eyes.

The Lords of Dark Town are trying to kill Jacques, and use his body in the real world as a vessel for an agent of Dark Town. There's only one problem: Jacques' imagination. He carries it with him always, in a red suitcase. It protects him from the horrors of Dark Town.

Meanwhile, In the real world, Jacques' wife decides to take him off life support. Jacques now only has 12 hours to live. Back in Dark Town, Jacques encounters Death, who informs him of his time limit, and tells him how to escape Dark Town. The book ends on a cliff-hanger, as Jacques is captured by a knight after wandering onto a chessboard.

Film adaptation[edit]

Dark Town was the basis for the film Monkeybone.[1]


Dark Town was originally intended to be a miniseries. However, only the first part of the story was ever published.