Dark Wind Blowing

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Dark Wind Blowing
Author Jackie French
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Young adult literature
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date

Dark Wind Blowing is a 2001 young adult novel by Jackie French. The theme explored in the text is the use and misuse of power. The text deals with issues of bullying, terrorism and the everyday life of a teenager. The ideas explored in the text suggest that the author is exposing, by providing this text, the concerns and fears of children in the 21st century.[citation needed]


A young bullied boy by the name of Lance, who many think of him as a try hard "Loser" (which is what he is commonly referred to in the book), threatens to release an unstoppable virus in class after he has had a prank played on him.


The main characters of the book are Lance "Loser", Mike: an "average teenager boy which the book is mostly centered upon, and Jazz a girl that has just come from Manchester in England, Mike has a crush on her which plays an important role in the book.

Issues raised in the text[edit]

The issues raised in this text deal with puberty, bullying, and whether you are born to be a killer or driven that way.