Dark and Light (2017 video game)

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Dark and Light
Dark Light video game logo 2017.png
Developer(s) Snail Games
Publisher(s) Snail Games
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platform(s) Windows
Release 20 July 2017 (early access)
Mode(s) Online

Dark and Light is a "fantasy survival sandbox RPG"[1] developed for Microsoft Windows PCs by Snail Games and released as early access on 20 July 2017.[2]

Snail Games acquired the rights to the original Dark and Light in 2008.[3]

Currently the game is purchased and downloaded through the "Steam" game client. Once downloaded and run the player can select to connect to one of several dozen "Official" servers hosted by Snail Games or connect to in of an even larger list of privately hosted servers throughout the world. The servers are separated into PvE (Named "Wyrmslayer") and PvP (Named "Knight"). Players can also host their own server locally via the game client. Each server allows for the player to create only one custom character of Male or Female gender.

There are three races (Human, Elf or Dwarf). Your Character's race determines your starting location. Once in game, the character is directed by a series of short quest narratives that help guide the player in learning the mechanics of the game. The learning curve can be tough at first and survival is the main goal in the beginning. Characters are affected by environmental and physical factors such as Hunger, thirst, climate temperature, day and night visuals, sleep deprivation and physical damage from attack or falling. Survival is accomplished by foraging for food and numerous resources such as berries, wood, stone, leather, meat and twine.

As a Character progresses in levels, the player can designate points to various stats such as Health, Stamina, Mana and more. Crafting abilities also advance as the character levels. Players can craft tools, weapons, magic spells and structures that will allow for easier survival and foraging. Structures of various materials are able to be place into the game's with full player and creature interaction. Structures provide a base for storage of supplies and protection from attack. Structures can be destroyed by both players and NPC creatures under certain conditions. Animals in the game can be tamed and ridden. Boars, Horses, Griffins and even Dragons to name a few. Magic, Melee and mounted attacks are the main combat features. When your character dies you respawn at your starting city and all your items remain on your corpse. Any Player can claim the items from your corpse if they search you before you can return to your corpse. You do have the ability to change your re-spawn location later in the game.


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