Darkhan-Uul Province

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Darkhan-Uul Province

Дархан-Уул аймаг
Flag of Darkhan-Uul Province
Coat of arms of Darkhan-Uul Province
Coat of arms
Darkhan-Uul in Mongolia.svg
Coordinates: 49°30′N 106°15′E / 49.500°N 106.250°E / 49.500; 106.250Coordinates: 49°30′N 106°15′E / 49.500°N 106.250°E / 49.500; 106.250
Established1994 (1994)
 • Total3,275 km2 (1,264 sq mi)
1,049 m (3,442 ft)
 • Total101,879
 • Density31/km2 (81/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8
Area code(s)+976 (0)137
ISO 3166 codeMN-037
Vehicle registrationДА_

Darkhan-Uul (Mongolian: Дархан-Уул, literally Sacred Mountain) is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia. It is located in the north of the country.


The city Darkhan was founded on October 17, 1961, as a second industrial center to reduce the migration pressure on the capital Ulaanbaatar. To do so, the existing sum (district) of the same name was dissolved, and its territory managed by the city authorities.

The Darkhan-Uul aimag with its four sum was carved out of the Selenge aimag in 1994.


Darkhan is the second largest industrial center of Mongolia. Darkhan Metallurgical Plant is the one of the largest. There is also ThermoPower Plant in Darkhan that has capacity of 48MW/h.

The aimag basically serves to support the city.


Darkhan is the point where the side line to Erdenet forks off the main line of the Trans-Mongolian Railway.


Darkhan Uul Aimag is situated in the agricultural heartland of Mongolia and it is the major agricultural producer in Mongolia with rich resources for agricultural development. This area, located at a low level of altitude, has a warmer climate than the rest of the country. In the Kharaa River basin there are favorable natural climatic conditions for the cultivation of cereals, vegetables, and especially potatoes. There are 35 agricultural companies and co-operatives in Darkhan Uul Aimag. This area contains 30,000 hectares of soil suitable for arable farming and 1287.8 thousand hectares for vegetable farming. Despite the development of the urban economy, local people continue to keep livestock. There are approximately 130,000 head of livestock in the province.

Administrative Subdivisions[edit]

Sums of Darkhan-Uul
The sums of Darkhan-Uul Aimag[1]
Sum Mongolian Population
Darkhan* Дархан 70,029 74,275 73,457 75,104 74,454 103 722.85
Khongor Хонгор 5,628 5,390 5,404 5,115 5,603 2,533 2.21
Orkhon Орхон 3,435 2,913 2,932 3,076 3,185 478 6.66
Sharyngol* Шарынгол 8,376 7,848 7,634 7,798 8,116 160.6 50.54

* - urban settlement