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The Darkinjung (not to be confused with the Darkinyung people further inland) are the Local Aboriginal Land Council in the Wyong and Gosford Shire Council area and is a major landowner on the Central Coast, participating in formal joint management of some areas of state forest in the region. It represents over 450 local Aboriginal residents. The Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council are self-appointed caretakers of the Central Coast of NSW Australia. They do not claim to be the traditional owners of the area in which they reside.[1] Indigenous history and Traditional Owners of the Gosford and Wyong Shires[2] Office], Bungaree, Guringai Guringai.

Property development[edit]

The majority of the expenditure undertaken by the Darkinjung Land Council is on land and property development. In the 2012–13 financial year, $2.2 million was incurred on capital acquisition. A further $824,000 was spent on land and civil construction. This represents more than half of the annual income, which in 2012–13 was $5.5 million. In 2013–14, out of annual income of $3.6 million, $1.97 million was spent on land & construction. A further sum was spent on consultants related to the land development. No funds were allocated to education.[3]

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