Darkness, Tell Us

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Darkness, Tell Us
First Edition cover
Author Richard Laymon
Cover artist Mark Taylor
Country United States
Language English
Genre Horror novel
Publisher Feature
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 512
ISBN 0-7472-3665-8
OCLC 24848595
Preceded by Island
Followed by Blood Games

Darkness, Tell Us is a 1991 horror novel by Richard Laymon. Originally published by Headline Features, it is currently available in a paperback edition from Leisure Fiction.

Plot summary[edit]

While attending a party thrown by one of their English professors, six college students use a Ouija board to contact a spirit that identifies itself only as 'Butler'. Butler promises the six a treasure if they will go to a remote mountain location called Calamity Peak. The professor, who knows from experience that messing around with the supernatural can be dangerous, attempts to dissuade them, but the kids steal the board and set off for the mountain anyway. Once they arrive they are menaced be a machete-wielding killer, and soon begin to wonder if Butler might be trying to harm them. After discovering that the Ouija board is missing, the professor, along with her lover, sets out to rescue her students.

Unlike many of Laymon's novels, the book contains frankly supernatural elements, alongside the more realistic horrors common to Laymon's work (including homicidal maniacs, rape, and childhood sexual abuse).