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Darkspace at Hellfest 2012. Left to right: Wroth, Zorgh, Zhaaral.
Darkspace at Hellfest 2012. Left to right: Wroth, Zorgh, Zhaaral.
Background information
OriginBern, Switzerland
Years active1999–present
Past membersZorgh

Darkspace is a Swiss ambient black metal[2][3][1] band from Bern,[4][5] considered to be a pioneer of the cosmic subset therein.

Their lyrical themes revolve around space, darkness and cosmic mysticism, and their music features sporadic isolated samples from space-themed films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Event Horizon and Alien.[6]

The band does not title their works; each album is titled Dark Space, differentiated only by a subsequent Roman numeral indicating order of release—and likewise, each track is titled "Dark" followed by two digits that represent the album number and discography-wise track number respectively, which are separated by a decimal point. As an example, "Dark 3.16" is from their third album and is their sixteenth overall piece. For reasons unknown, their fourth album is titled Dark Space III I rather than Dark Space IV.

The band's album covers follow a consistent pattern as well in that their sole features are the band's logo on the top-center, a rectangle near the bottom-right (which varies in size, shape and position) containing vague and ethereal grayscale artwork which differs with each release, and a black background.


Darkspace was a trio from Switzerland founded in 1999 by the musicians Wroth (Paysage d'Hiver), Zorgh (Apokryphon) and Zhaaral (Sun of the Blind). Wroth, an alias of Tobias Möckl, is currently the only identified member. After independently releasing the demo Dark Space −I in 2002, they released their debut album Dark Space I under Haunter of the Dark in 2003 and in a limited edition of 500 Digipak CDs, which was then remastered and re-released in 2006 by Avantgarde Music.

In 2005, they released Dark Space II. Originally released in 2003 and 2005 respectively by Haunter of the Dark and now sold out, Darkspace's I and II are now owned up by Avantgarde Music and have been reissued in minimalistic card-covered packages.

Darkspace released their third album Dark Space III on 30 May 2008. It was apparently recorded in an underground shelter.[citation needed]

On 12 February 2011, Darkspace announced they would be releasing a re-recording and mixing of their 2002 demo Dark Space −I. It was released in gatefold embossed vinyl and CD in 2012, on 6 and 12 June respectively.

They announced the release of a fourth album via Morse code, which revealed that the album would be out in September 2014. On 8 August, the album title, cover, and release date were confirmed by the band's record label. Dark Space III I was released on 6 September.[7]

In October 2019, they were one of the four recipients of the Berner Musikpreis.[5][8]

Zorgh left the band in 2019, and the remaining members are in search of a replacement.


  • Wroth – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (since 1999)
  • Zhaaral – lead guitar, backing vocals (since 1999)
  • Zorgh – bass, backing vocals (1999–2019)


Studio albums[edit]

  • Dark Space I (2003)
  • Dark Space II (2005)[9][10]
  • Dark Space III (2008)[11]
  • Dark Space III I (2014)[12]


  • Dark Space −I (2002, 2012)


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