Darktown Revue

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Darktown Revue
Directed by Oscar Micheaux Leonard Harper
Produced by Oscar Micheaux
Alice B. Russell
Written by Oscar Micheaux
Starring Tim Moore
Andrew Tribble
Celeste Cole
Amon Davis
Donald Heywood Choir
Cinematography Lester Lang
Walter Strenge
Release date
  • 1931 (1931)
Running time
18 min.
Country United States
Language English

Darktown Revue (1931) is an 18-minute American Pre-Code short film by Oscar Micheaux, his first short venture into sound film. The dances and ensembles were co-directed by Leonard Harper and the picture was shot along with their feature length all-black talkie, The Exile. As in many early talkies, the camera-work is extremely static. The film included choral singing and several vaudeville acts, including the comedy duo of Tim Moore and Andrew Tribble doing a routine about a haunted house.



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