Darlan Cunha

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Darlan Cunha
Darlan Cunha.jpg
Darlan Cunha
Born (1988-09-16) September 16, 1988 (age 28)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Darlan Cunha (Rio de Janeiro, September 16, 1988) is a Brazilian actor. Better known as Laranjinha from his breakthrough role in Cidade dos Homens and from his part in the film Cidade de Deus. He began his career when he was selected for the short film Palace II, along with Douglas Silva, becoming Acerola & Laranjinha.

  • In 2003 he was a subject for a documentary by the group Nós do Cinema. A documentary on his life and that of Douglas Silva.
  • Commercials (McCann Erickson agency): : Fundação Abrinq Campaign for Children’s Rights and for the Ethos Institute for Social Responsibility.


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